Palestine Reality Check

Part One

Self defense?

Israel justifies mass murder by claiming “self defence”.

Let’s break this argument down.

“A person claiming self-defense must prove at trial that the self-defense was justified. Generally a person may use reasonable force when it appears reasonably necessary to prevent an impending injury. A person using force in self-defense should use only so much force as is required to repel the attack. Nondeadly force can be used to repel either a nondeadly attack or a deadly attack. Deadly Force may be used to fend off an attacker who is using deadly force but may not be used to repel an attacker who is not using deadly force.”

So what constitutes this perceived “deadly attack” that “justifies” the murder, maiming, total destruction and sheer terrorism visited upon Palestinians?

Has Israel used just enough force “to repel” attacks?

The entire Israeli narrative for the past decade revolves around the use of “rockets” fired from Gaza.


Between 28.06.04 and 15.11.2012, 26 people in Israel were killed by rockets fired from Gaza.

One was an IDF soldier inside a military barracks.

Five of the 26 fatalities were non-Jewish: Salam Ziadin, Khalid Ziadin, and Hani al Mahdi were Bedouin; Lutfi Nasraladin was Druze; Manee Singueanphon was a Thai national.

[Salam and Khalid Ziadin were killed while handling an unexploded Qassam rocket for salvaging.]

The vast majority of alleged Israeli “casualties” (according to Israeli sources) allegedly suffered “shock”.


As of September 2014, the amount of civilians killed by “rockets” is 6.
One was a Thai national, one was a member of the Israeli oppressed Bedouin community and one other was delivering food to an Israeli barracks.

In total, 32 civilians (two of which were inside Israeli barracks) have been killed in TEN years.


Let’s put this in perspective.

“If we borrow the IDF’s claim that more than 12,000 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last twelve years (as of November 2012)…we get a kill rate of less than 0.217%. Thus in order to secure a single kill, we should expect to fire about 500 rockets.

According to unverified and mathematically contradictory numbers, based on the word and word alone of the aggressor, it’s claimed that nearly 19,000 rockets and mortars in total have been fired from the Gaza Strip (as of 2015)

That’s ONE fatality for every SIX HUNDRED alleged “rockets”.

Are the “rockets” a form of psychological warfare? Yes, as are all forms of warfare, but the end results show that they are an ineffective, to the point of redundant military option. Zionist hawks and propagandists thrive on their use.

“For the entire duration of the 2008 Hamas–Israel cease-fire—even after Israel had broken the cease-fire on Nov. 4—not a single person was killed by rocket or mortar fire into Israel. Yet approximately two hours after Israel’s commencement of Operation Cast Lead, one person in Israel was struck and killed by shrapnel from a Qassam rocket. Two days later, three more people were killed in Israel from Gaza rocket and mortar attacks.

And for an entire year before Operation Pillar of Cloud (2012), not a single Israeli was killed by rocket or mortar. Yet approximately sixteen hours after Pillar of Cloud commenced, a rocket from Gaza killed three Israelis.

It was during both military operations that Israel endured the highest number of fatalities from Gaza rockets and mortars in the shortest time spans.

Between the end of 2012 through to July 2014 (18 months), no Israelis had been killed by rockets. When Israel instigated the latest carnage, again the number of fatalities from rockets “jumped”.

Part Two

The Numbers Game

Wikipedia puts the number of “rockets” and “mortars” at 19000.

The alleged sources cited range from the Israeli government to the IDF.

No verifiable proof whatsoever is presented to uphold these claims.

No radar. No video. Nothing that can be independently corroborated.


Here’s an example. One source linked to by Wikipedia is the Jewish Virtual Library (quoted below):

July 16-27 2014

814 rockets hit open areas throughout Israel between the 16th and 27th of July”

July 30 2014 – unconfirmed number of mortars and 141 rockets

“141 rockets were fired at Israel for an unconfirmed number of impacts. No one was injured.”

August 3 2014

“119 rockets and mortars were fired towards Israel, with the Iron Dome taking down 8. No injuries reported.

August 09 2014

“30 rockets hit open areas in Eshkol and Hof Ashkelon. No injuries reported.”

August 10 2014

“The Iron Dome intercepted four rockets, while 35 hit open areas in Eshkol, Sderot and Ashkelon. No injuries reported.


I quoted just a selection of the list of alleged rocket attacks, not just because it would be too long to print here, but because they are a sample of the repeated unverified and/or vague and ambiguous claims made.

A recap of the sample quoted above:

July 16 to August 10 (on the dates used)

1143 rockets allegedly fired from Gaza (during the dates cited)

879 (76%) allegedly hit “open areas”

141 “fired at Israel for an unconfirmed number of impacts” (what does that even mean??)

119 “rockets and mortars fired towards Israel”

Iron Dome allegedly took down 12 (less than 1%)

“No injuries” reported at all.

This theme is repeated throughout. “Open areas” being allegedly struck, the “Iron Dome” allegedly taking down very small numbers of rockets and “no injuries”

1) The vast majority of alleged rockets are independently unverifiable and the statistics bandied about, no matter who the source, go unchallenged

2) There is a distinct lack of injuries given the alleged barrage of “thousands” of launches.

3) As I said, even IF the claims were true, it shows that they are completely useless militarily.

What isn’t mentioned is that between say, 16 – 27 July, 45 Israeli soldiers were killed in and around the Gaza border. Nor that 719 Palestinians die in the Gaza Strip during that same period.

So exactly who is acting in “self defense”?

To give an idea of how far the Israeli media will go to exaggerate the danger of these “rocket” attacks, just look at this piece by the Jerusalem Post on Israeli “injuries” during the summer of 2014:

“According to Magen David Adom, there were 842 Israeli casualties during the fighting. Six civilians were killed by rocket or mortar strikes and 36 were wounded by shrapnel, including 10 who were seriously injured, 6 who were moderately injured, and 20 who sustained light injuries.

MDA added that another 33 people were hurt by flying glass, and that 18 people were hurt in traffic accidents that occurred when rocket warning sirens sounded, including one person who was seriously injured. Also, 159 people were injured while running for bomb shelters, and 581 were treated for shock.

Compare those overbloated figures and exaggerated “injuries” to the horrific injuries witnessed, recorded and treated in Gaza during the same time period.

Bar the completely unverifiable IDF sourced figures and the lack of video/photographic footage from an area that was under intense scrutiny for 50 days by both military AND media photographers, there’s also the completely contradictory nature of the numbers claimed by various “sources”

One example is the IDF and ITIC (Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center) numbers of “rockets” being inexplicably completely different.

An excellent breakdown of these contradictory figures can be found here:


There’s also this SELF-contradictory “widget” that was released to supposedly keep tabs on the number of “rockets” fired:


There’s also this quote by the Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in an interview conducted on November 14 (2012):

‘This government has exhibited superhuman restraint: 2,500 rockets since 2009. Last month, 800 rockets. In the last week, 300 rockets. What government in the world wouldn’t have responded with war a long time ago?’

No other Israeli agency claims that 800 rockets were fired in October 2012. Shin Bet claims 171 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza in October.”

Why the discrepancies? Surely the alleged radar system that Iron Dome is said to use would be THE source of the numbers bandied about? Why did the media on the borders of Gaza NOT use what would have been a constant display of rockets being launched non-stop every hour to show their audience (and studio bosses) the “aggression” of the Palestinians? That Israelis were really acting in “self defence”?

If, as the IDF claims, up to 4-5000 rockets were launched in 2014 within those 50 days of zionist barbarism, there should have been 100 rockets PER DAY blazing the skies. At least 4 per hour, every hour 24/7 throughout those 50 days. Did the Iron Dome sirens sound every hour 24/7 for 50 days? Why, for example, were the Sderot residents so calm with this constant barrage that they even felt comfortable enough to drag sofas to sit on a hill and watch the “show” just a few kilometers away?

Unchallenged, unsourced, contradictory, stated as fact.


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